“At the Reading Experience the protagonists are the readers and their unique voices into the selected narratives.”

Estela Meije 

My name is Estela Meije. I am a graduate from Joaquín V. González Teacher Training College, where I went on to do a Language 4 and English Literature mentorship .

Spanish for Foreigners

Welcome to "Entrelenguas Taller", a place for learning Spanish as if you were at home.

English for Kids & Teens

Let the Stories Begin! is a workshop that encourages kids and teens to read for

Private Tuition

This is a one-to-one space where I can attend to your specific needs, which might

Literature & Language Training for Teachers

This is a special small group for teachers and advanced learners who would like to

Conversation Groups

In our small conversation groups you will have the chance to explore and use the

The Reading Experience

Weekly meetings to read, listen to and celebrate the written word and each reader’s unique

“My relationship with English, Drama, Literature and Mental Health, and Body Awareness continue to nourish and inform my daily practice.”


Estela Meije (Directress of El Taller de Inglés)

“Perhaps the greatest reading pleasure has an element of self-annihilation. To be so engrossed that you barely know you exist.”


Student Reviews

“The Reading Experience has been totally enriching for me.
Impossible to miss Estela Meije meetings!”


Grace Raggio

“At El Taller de Inglés you will find yourself in a pleasant and warm atmosphere by the hand of Estela Meije.”


Verónica M. Paez

“I have always loved reading. This is something different. This is sharing, enriching and expanding the experience.”


Laura Samaniego