Courses & Workshops

English for Kids & Teens

Let the Stories Begin! is a workshop that encourages kids and teens to read for pleasure in English. Respecting each child’s time, kids learn to communicate in English in a playful way.  

In each encounter, the focus is placed on three of the resources that are part of the development of the inner world of children and young people: imagination, creativity and critical thinking. This way, we make it a lasting and motivating experience.

According to the interests and ages of each participant we:

  • read stories, poems and rhymes,
  • play games,
  • sing,
  • watch videos,
  • make arts and crafts,
  • do brain-gym (yoga),
  • dance,
  • talk about how we feel (emotionary),
  • discussion of news,
  • work on projects on current issues, and more…!


We organize different groups according to age and previous knowledge. The groups are small so that each participant has a greater possibility of speaking in English. We also offer individual classes.

Age: kids (from 4 years old) and adolescents.


  • Cochabamba and Jujuy, two blocks from Humberto 1 * station on line H. San Cristóbal, Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
  • On-line

Facilitator: Gabriela Tavolara


Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Come enrich your life with Shared Reading Experience. Monday 7 to 8.30pm: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Thursday 6 to 7.30pm: short stories