El curioso incidente del perro a medianoche

First, we’ve read the novel. Now, on Sunday 3rd November at 7pm we’ll be watching the play at Maipo Theatre. Please if interested and as I need to pay when booking, contact me asap. Look forward to another theatre night with you all. Email: tallerdeingles@fibertel.com.ar WhatsApp: 15 6287 1104

Amadeus with The Suburban Players

Dear all, on Saturday 31st August at 9pm we ll be watching Amadeus at The Playhouse, Moreno 80, San Isidro. As tickets sell out fast I can only book after you have paid the ticket, $500. Hope to share another great theatre night with you all.♥

The Stage Company


The Stage Company es una productora teatral argentina con más de doce años de trayectoria y reconocido prestigio. Es una de las productoras más premiadas e importantes del país. Lleva al escenario espectáculos de gran calidad para audiencias de todas las edades. Además de funciones en castellano en horarios tradicionales, ofrece además adaptaciones eventuales en […]

Casablanca by The Suburban Players


Shall we spend a evening out of cinema plus theatre with the Suburban Players? Love to share this performance with you. Sunday October 7 at 7pm. Are you in? If you confirm please I need you to pay or transfer the cost of the ticket well in advance so I can make the booking for […]


On Monday 2nd July at 6.30 pm we´ll  be watching a super production in English of The Three Musketeers at Maipo Theatre: Esmeralda 443. In order to book your ticket you need to pay in advance ASAP at El Taller: Aráoz 1660 or make a bank transfer (data by email or inbox). The cost is: […]

The Suburban Players: The Three Penny Opera


Saturday 9th June at 9pm we’ll be having another fabulous evening at the theatre with the Suburban Players. Should you like to join us, please let me know ASAP as I need to book well in advance. Look forward to sharing more theatre and English with you all. tallerdeingles@fibertel.com.ar

The Suburban Players: First Timers

First Timers poster

Friday 20th April at 9.30pm we will all be sharing an evening of theatre and drinks with The Suburban Players at Moreno 80, San Isidro. Early booking is a must.