Building bridges between Languages, Literature and Personal Narratives

I strongly believe that words have the intrinsic power to heal, soothe and embellish life. Meaningful words nourished through literature, empathetic dialogue and supportive listening help us connect with a richer, wholesome inner life and strengthen bonds within the community of learners /readers.”

Estela Meije

The Reading Experience

Weekly meetings to read, listen to and celebrate the written word and each reader’s unique voice and understanding of the texts we share: novels and short stories of outstanding writers.

Conversation Groups

In our small conversation groups you will have the chance to explore and use the language in a welcoming and supportive environment in which every participant will grow in confidence to use the language non-judgementally, creatively and suited to their individual needs and learning pace.

Literature & Language Training for Teachers

This is a special small group for teachers and advanced learners who would like to improve their language skills through literature and advanced audiovisual material in a stress-free, stimulating and thought and feelings-sharing context.

Private Tuition

This is a one-to-one space where I can attend to your specific needs, which might range from training for an exam, a job interview, improve a specific language skill or reading together specially selected texts to enrich your professional or private life.

English for Kids & Teens

Let the Stories Begin! is a workshop conducted by Gabriela Tavolara, teacher, poet, performer, who specializes in literature for children and adolescents.

Spanish for foreigners

Welcome to "Entrelenguas Taller", a place for learning Spanish as if you were at home. Tailor-made courses and conversation sessions.

“My daily practice is being constantly informed and inspired by students and readers, colleagues, the arts and my own practice of the English Language, Literature and Mental Health, Bibliotherapy and Body Movement techniques.”

Estela Meije 

“Words like us to think, and they like us to feel, before we use them; but they also like us to pause; to become unconscious. Our unconsciousness is their privacy; our darkness is their light.


“I have created a  space where I blend Language and Literature called The Reading Experience. At the Reading Experience the protagonists are the readers and their unique voices into the selected narratives.”

Estela Meije 

Student Reviews

“The reading experience is a safe place to explore stories and dive into different narratives. I recommend it!”


Cecilia belmonte

“Improve the language oscillating between reading and discussing interesting texts and casual and relaxed chats.”


Rubén Garber

“I have always loved reading. This is something different. This is sharing, enriching and expanding the experience.”


Laura Samaniego